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CCHA administers approximately 3,300 vouchers, which are comprised of Project Based Vouchers (PBV), Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) and Tenant Based Vouchers (TBV). Families are able to submit an application in person or online.

Project Based Voucher

  1. Apply Here – Once an application is submitted, the applicant is placed on a waiting list. Applicants are placed on the waiting list according to the date and time and total points based on preference(s) that may apply.
 Preferences are as follows:
  • Date/Time – 5 points per year to a maximum of 25 points
  • Homeless – 5 points
  • Residency – 50 points
  • Working Families – 5 points
  • Elderly – 5 points
  • Individual Disability – 30 points
  • Veteran – 5 points
2. Once you name reaches the top of the waiting list, final determination of eligibility will be made.
3. If determined eligible, your name will be forwarded out to a PBV property.
4. The Management office will contact you when a unit becomes available to view. If you are interested in the unit an application must be submitted along with an application fee and deposit.
5. If approved, the Management office will notify you and schedule a date/time for your move in.

When CCHA has adequate funding to assist the next family on the waiting list, an Application Briefing is scheduled. The family completes a full application, fills out verification forms, and signs the required documents. CCHA then verifies the information provided on the application and determines if the family has any local preference(s)

How Do I Qualify?

Qualifications vary from program to program. Listed below are the qualifications based on the program.

  1. Project Based Vouchers
    • To Qualify: 

Selection Process

If selected from the Housing Choice Voucher waiting list, the family has up to 120 days to find a rental unit from a landlord that will accept the voucher. 

When the applicant finds a rental unit, they meet the owner/landlord. The applicant  must have the owner/landlord complete a Request for Tenancy Approval packet.

Once CCHA receives the Request for Tenancy Approval, our housing quality inspector will conduct an inspection according to HUD’s housing quality standards and approved local policy. All failed items must be repaired before the family is able to occupy the unit.

If the landlord fails/refuses to make repairs, the rent is not reasonable, or affordable, CCHA will not approve the unit for occupancy.

If selected from the PBV waiting list, applicable preferences, income limits, and background checks must pass to move forward in the process.

Eligible families are referred to properties with available units. The family is then able to view and accept the available unit, if it meets the needs of the family. Prior to occupying the unit, the family is required to successfully pass the rental and credit verification process, conducted by the property management company.

To view property information, please go to Assisted Units. Here you may obtain more information for each property, total units per property, and view the location of each property.

Assigned Property

Each property has a selection process for each location and is also determined by where you are on the waiting list. Please click here to review the application process for each location.

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