Esperanza Zendejas

Dr. Esperanza Zendejas is the youngest of nine children. Her family immigrated from Mexico to California’s Imperial Valley in the early 60’s. She was the first and only sibling to pursue a formal education but acknowledges that hard work can accomplish much as demonstrated by her brothers and sisters.

Dr. Zendejas holds a master’s degree in counseling from the University of San Diego and a doctorate in Administration and Policy Analysis from Stanford University. She has been in education since 1975, starting as a classroom teacher. She has also served as high school counselor, middle school principal and school superintendent. Dr. Zendejas brings over 47 years of education experience with public schools and private sector organizations.

Dr. Zendejas is a passionate educator with extensive experience in leading and managing school districts. In her career, she has focused on improving student achievement and improving the lives of students with special interest in nutrition, health and sports. She has worked with diverse communities and diverse student demographics.

In the role of superintendents, she has led small, rural and large urban school districts in California, Texas, Indiana and Georgia. After 24 years as a school district superintendent, Dr. Zendejas was appointed as the Executive Director of the Education Service Center, Region 2, in Corpus Christi in 2020.

When a school district enrolls a student, Dr. Zendejas believes the entire family is part of the package. She has spent many years working with families while providing the leadership to ensure student success via the extension of school to family. In her leadership roles, she has extended afterschool programs to support unattended students and has expanded the nutrition programs in numerous school districts.

Esperanza Zendejas has received numerous community, state and national awards. She is also an author and playwright. She enjoys reading several national newspapers as part of her daily routine. During her few downtimes, Dr. Zendejas paints hats for her friends and family members. She also enjoys a round of golf when time permits. Dr. Zendejas is a ventriloquist and has enjoyed presenting school assemblies to students from all backgrounds and grade levels.