Project Based Voucher (PBV) Program

How the Housing Choice (Project Based) Program Works

Your first step after you have applied, and have been selected for a project based voucher is to complete your full application interview online. During this process you will be asked to upload several documents pertaining to your application (household income, assets, preferences, etc.). Once you have completed this step, HCVP staff will begin the screening process to determine your eligibility. If determined eligible, your name will be forwarded to the management company where your name will remain on their list until your name reaches the top of the list and the appropriate unit size become available.

Using Your Voucher

  • Your voucher is an agreement between you and The Corpus Christi Housing Authority. When you sign your voucher, you are agreeing to abide by the Statement of Family Obligations. In exchange, The Corpus Christi Housing Authority will assist you with your rent, provided that you find an approved place within the time limit.
  • Your voucher is only valid in a Corpus Christi project-based property. After you have fulfilled your initial lease, you may request a tenant based voucher to anywhere in the United States, providing you are in good standing with the Corpus Christi Housing Authority and your landlord.

Applying for an Apartment

  • All Project-Based sites (managed by Bahia Properties, Inc.) will require you to complete an application. Be sure you are prepared to complete the form by having the names, addresses, and phone numbers of your references with you. The Project-based landlord will charge you a fee with the application to cover the expense of screening applicants.
  • The Project-based landlord may check with the Corpus Christi Housing Authority to verify your current and prior addresses and landlords. If known, the Corpus Christi Housing Authority is required to provide this information.
  • The Project-based landlord will charge you a deposit. The Section 8 program does not pay the deposit or limit the amount a landlord can charge.
  • The Project-based landlord has established standards for accepting or denying an applicant. Standards may include things such as a minimum number of past landlord references, sufficient income to pay rent, good credit history, no felony convictions, no prior evictions, etc. If you believe that you have been denied housing for a reason other than a reasonable standard, you may be a victim of unlawful housing discrimination. You may contact the local HUD field office.

 Completing the Corpus Christi Housing Authority’s Approval Process

  • Once you have viewed the unit and accepted it for leasing. An inspection will be scheduled with the landlord within three days. If the new unit needs repairs, the landlord will be given a list of what needs to be done. The landlord must call for another inspection when the repairs are completed. You should not move into the unit until the inspection passes and the rent is agreed upon.  Please do not sign a lease until your unit has passed inspection.
  • After the unit passes the inspection, and the rent the landlord requests is approved, the Section 8 office will determine your portion of the rent and the portion we will pay and send a contract to your landlord for your signature.  Once we receive the signed contract and a copy of the lease, Section 8 staff will enter the information into the Corpus Christi Housing Authority’s computer system.  The Corpus Christi Housing Authority will not pay rent until the start date of the Housing Assistance Payments contract.  The start date usually (but not always) is the day after the unit passes inspection.

Following the Rules

  • The Statement of Family Obligations and the voucher contain the complete list of all the rules, obligations, and requirements you must follow to avoid losing your housing assistance.
  • Some examples of reasons that could cause you to lose your housing assistance include: failing to pay the tenant portion of the rent; damaging the unit or causing disturbances; engaging in drug-related or violent criminal activity; failing to report, in writing, any changes in household size; failing to report any income for any adult in the household; failing to abide by the terms of the lease, etc.  You may lose your voucher if you are evicted.  If you are evicted or receive an eviction or termination notice, you must provide the Corpus Christi Housing Authority (HCVP Dept.) with a copy of the notice.
  • If the Corpus Christi Housing Authority has evidence that you have violated your obligations, we may decide to terminate your housing assistance. If this happens you will be mailed a letter stating the reason(s) for the decision. You may then request an informal hearing regarding that decision.  Requests for informal hearings must be in writing.

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